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Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave abseiling offers a 34m abseil into the cave. No crawling or getting dirty is required - as long as you have a sense of adventure. An optional abseiling course is also available. The complete experience lasts 3.5 hours.

Situated just 40 minutes from Johannesburg and Pretoria, in the Cradle of Humankind, Crystal Cave is the perfect abseiling activity for families and friends.

View from the bottom of Crystal Cave, of person abseiling Person abseiling into Crystal Cave Person abseiling into Crystal Cave Person abseiling into Crystal Cave Person abseiling into Crystal Cave

Cave Information

  • 34m adventure abseiling down the wall of the cave.
  • No sightseeing in this cave (yet) - only used for its abseil.
  • Minimum 8 people to set it up for your own group. Contact the office to join another group if you have fewer people.
  • Basic abseiling course is available that covers techniques, equipment and safety requirements.
Cave location
  • Parking available at the cave opening.
  • Cave on private property.
  • Toilet facilities are 200m away.
  • Approximately 3.5 hours.
Wet/dry trip
  • Dry excursion.
Rope/ladder usage
  • Basic abseiling requirements.
Safety precautions

The guide is equipped with:

  • A mini First Aid kit at his/her disposal that goes on the excursion.
  • Level 3 First Aid knowledge.
  • Radio access to a backup safety network.
  • The caving group is informed beforehand on what to do if an emergency situation arises.
Equipment provided
  • Safety helmet per person.
  • All abseiling/belay requirements.
Clothing required
  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Shoes with good tread.
  • A lightweight jacket in winter.
  • Wild Cave Adventures overalls are available for hire (optional).
Health problems
  • Please notify the office beforehand as to any health problems/injuries you may have and you can be advised accordingly.
  • Wild Cave Adventures retains the right to halt any of these excursions if the guide feels that the safety of the group is being compromised by the actions of an individual.
Please Note
  • If you or anyone around you becomes distressed or concerned at any time on the excursion, please notify the guide immediately who is trained to help.
  • It is important to eat properly before an excursion so that the body is running effectively - especially on the more challenging excursions.
Importance of Cave and Environmental Ethics
  • Please treat the cave and its surrounds with respect. We are the aliens in the cave!
  • Cigarette butts smouldering cause fire and death to the wildlife in the area.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking in the cave.
  • Many creatures make their homes in the caves entrances/exits. Please tread carefully, and you'll be surprised at what you'll get to see!
  • Please help to keep this piece our World Heritage area clean.


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