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Wild Cave Adventures is a family-run business in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage area.

We operate in the wild caves on the West Rand and cater for adventure seekers looking for opportunities to explore extreme areas safely. At the same time, and more importantly, we use these excursions to develop public awareness in environmental preservation.

A few years back, as part of Emergency and Disaster Management in the area, it became obvious that many people were quite prepared to put themselves at risk using poor equipment with no safety measures in place, whatsoever. Some even arrived with candles for light and a dangerously thin rope and expected to find their way through a 4 400sqm cave! The cave environment - even of those caves dynamited by lime miners in the 1800's - was being jeopardised by the uninformed adventure-seeker. Ignorance is at the root of most cave damage.

There was room for someone prepared to take on the management of certain caves - keeping the surrounds clean, the seasonal owl babies safe and the inner caves clear of chip packets and human sewage. Neil became caretaker of these caves and even now, it is still a constant battle to stop people dumping waste in the entrance zone; taking rocks for their water features and eating, drinking and spraying graffiti down in the inner caves.

Not all experienced cavers are good teachers - one can be an accomplished caver and still a poor communicator. By ensuring that those coming on our excursions become safety - conscious and more environmentally aware, Wild Cave Adventures is assured that caves will remain open to future cavers. If we lose the caves, we lose caving!

Caves can damage cavers, but far more often it is the other way around. Broken bones will heal, but snap off a cave formation and it is gone forever with thousands, maybe millions of years of history wiped out in a single act of vandalism. We do, however, rate safety aspects of caving very highly with First Aid, High-Angle Rope Rescue qualifications and access to the Emergency and Disaster network close at hand.

These caves/abseils cater for the adventure-seeker looking for an opportunity to explore extreme areas safely. At the same time, we use these excursions to develop public awareness in environmental preservation.

We run guided excursions on demand for a minimum of 8, so it is necessary to book telephonically or via e-mail beforehand.

Either the interested party puts together a tour group, or we take contact details and join the various numbers together where possible.

Group caving weekends are available on request, with at least three caving/abseiling activities. Each weekend is specifically designed to suit a group's requirement.

Team building and adrenaline adventures are also available on request for large corporate groups.

Most of the photographs displayed on this site have been provided by Garfield Krige

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